WILDE ZEITEN exhibition

WILDE ZEITEN bean bags

Fifteen bean bags were made for WILDE ZEITEN with printed texts of collected words. These words are mainly newspaper clippings that I've been collecting since the mid 1990's. The visitors could watch een geanimeerde avond whilst comfortably sitting on the bean bags and seeing the actual clippings appear in een geanimeerde avond.

Monique Camps

Artist Monique Camps (Venlo, 1966) makes contemporary art that draws heavily on the Western tradition of art, especially French Romanticism. When she takes photographs, she does so through the eyes of a painter. She focuses on the whole composition and, at the same time, the details. In recent years she has concentrated on large-format photographic works. Depictions of small porcelain statuettes (such as an eagle, soldier or stag) are included in her work in extreme detail. Form and light take on an entirely new, alienating effect in Camps’ work.